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As many of you have noticed, I have not updated KeohiHDTV in a while.
I was doing this for a while to help the HD community like others who are also willing to share their time and experiences.  There has never been a hidden agenda or ulterior motives behind the site.  No grand plans or schemes to make money or to stroke one's ego to be THE ultimate site in anything.  It is and has always been only a hobby website. 

Years later, my interest in HD started waning.  Why?  HDTV is no longer a novelty that early adopters like me were lucky enough to be part of.  The small populace back then, circa 1999 has exploded and has become mainstream.  It's amazing the advances that have come since then and how far HD has evolved in just a few years.  It all can make one's head spin.  :)

So, what is it really that has made me lose interest in HDTV?   It was my discovery of the game of Tennis.  I absolutely love this game.  Anyone who is into or actively participate in sports or any hobby for that matter and enjoy every aspect of it with its intricaties along with all its mysteries would appreciate what I mean.  Some might even accuse me of being obsessed with it.   Well, they might be right.  :)  I think about it a lot and any time away from the courts I feel is time wasted not honing my skills.  So, there you go.   Blame it on that fuzzy yellow ball being smacked around across a rectangular box.  :-)

At any rate, I will keep this website open for reference, as an archive if you will, for historical purposes and for those who might need info on some legacy systems that were covered here.

Thanks and maybe I'll see you on the tennis courts.  :)

Welcome to Keohi HDTV, a FREE public service to the HDTV and home theater community, providing assistance to High Definition Television enthusiasts like you to help better your home theater experience.  Providing FREE HDTV help since circa 1999.

So, whether it be choosing an HDTV brand or set, improving your set's performance with HDTV tips or HDTV tweaks, fixing a problem, learning about ISF calibrations, finding a calibrator, or looking for HDTV discussions, HDTV talk, HDTV forum or HDTV topics important to you, Keohi HDTV is here to help you.

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Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray DVD Player Review:

Michael TLV provides his impressions on the Blu-ray DVD layer.    Check it out

tosh_hd-a1_sm.gif (11946 bytes)
Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player Review:

Michael TLV provides his impressions on the new Toshiba HD DVD player.  Should you put it on you must have list?  Check it out

Sony RPTV Convergence Tips:
Gregg Loewen provides a step by step description of how to rein in convergence on Sony sets.  Check it out

Pelican PL-957 Video Switch Modification:
Mod submitted by Phil Dunlop (aka Cactus) to add additional toslink receivers and/or a remote capability.  Check it out.

Michael TLV provides an in depth review of the Panasonic TH-42PD50U and Samsung PPM42M5S and reveals some very surprising results.  Check out which wins out.  Find out more.

How to make the Momitsu V880 DVD player to work with the Loewe Aconda
David Chen comes through again.  He offers tips on how to make the V880 DVI player work with the Aconda. Check it out.

Firmware Upgrades for LG DV7832NXC & its twin Zenith DVB318 DVD Players
The long awaited upgrades are h
ere courtesy of our resident expert Michael TLV.
These upgrades fix the White Crush problem and allows upconversion of commercial DVDs to 720p and 1080i via the unit’s component video outputs. Check it out.

NeuNeo High Definition DVD Player HVD108
NeuNeo announces their new player. Check out their announcement.

Our HD friends in Europe have their own HTPC offering.  Check out the announcement sent by Emmanuelle Renaudat of OMWave.

Euro Toshiba 7076DD settings
A fellow enthusiast in Europe offers his TV settings.  Check it out.

Color Analyzers by Michael TLV
Michael TLV discusses one of the critical tools used in calibrating TV sets.  Check it out.

Marantz VP12S3 DLP Review by Gregg Loewen
Gregg calibrates the Marantz VP12S3 DLP with a Bravo D1 DVI DVD player, AVIA PRO calibration disk, and a Milori Colorfacts CF 6000 Spectroradiometer.  Read all about it.

LG DV7832NXC DVI DVD Player Review
Michael TLV tests this new player that hit the market just a little over two months ago.  Get a first hand look at what this new player has to offer.  Check out his findings.

Calibration Rosetta Stone
Michael TLV and Gregg Loewen developed a table that summarizes adjustments, tweaks, or calibration techniques as they apply to different brand HDTV sets.   At long last, a reference sheet where enthusiasts, novices and seasoned, can quickly look up tweaks for their set.  Check it out here.

M-TLV Grayscale Calibration Report Version 4.0
The latest version of the ISF calibration report format that better conveys to the customer their HDTV set's grayscale performance before and after calibration is finally here.   Learn more about it here.

Pioneer Plasma Tip:
- Plasma Model 5040 Service Menu

Video Switchers:
- New offerings from JVC, AVTool, and Sima Corporation.  Learn more

Toshibas Tips:
- Toshiba manuals back online.  Thanks to Frank Ball.
Learn more...

Sony Tips:
- Tweak site for the WEGA KVXA25M31 is back up! Thanks to Nicole Pragasam in Brisbane Australia, WEGA owners can again find useful tips to make their sets sing.
- Uneven Brightness Fix
- Oversqueeze Fix
- WEGA FS vs. FV model series
Learn more...

New HDTV Satellite Provider:   New service provider of at least 21 HD channels!   That's quite a bit more than DirecTV or Dish.  Will it drive the transition to HD even more?  Will current HD subscribers of DirecTV and Dish switch?  Learn more...

ISF Tours

Calibration Tours give HDTV and home theater enthusiasts a chance to get highly sought talents and expertise of renowned calibrationists and calibrators to tweak their sets.   Check out who's coming to your town.

Updated Tours gearing up for Michael TLV and Gregg Loewen

- Check them out and sign up.   Do it now.  They fill up very fast!

If you are a calibrator, please feel free to post your calibration tour info at our forum.

DVHS on a Budget
Michael TLV shows you how to "tape DVHS onto SVHS/VHS tape the cheap and safe way"

Momitsu DVD-V880 Review
Capable of resolutions up to 720p and 1080i through BOTH component and DVI
- Compatible with MPEG-4 (Divx version 4.02 and above) and JPEG picture CD
- Multi-region and capable of playing DVDs with RCE (Regional Coding Enhancement)!
- Macrovision is disabled!

Skyworth 2750 DVD Player Review
Sister to the 1050P/D boasts comparable performance with a few tricks up its sleeve

Zektor HDS4 Switcher Reviews
Check out owner feedback on this new product.  Excellent addition for your HDTV theater.

Zenith HDTV Tips
- Lens Cleaning
- Astigmatism Adjustment

Panasonic HDTV Tips
- Plasma HD Service Menu
- Screen Removal

Calibrator Tips from David Gibbons

Lens Flare Fix

Short Optical Path - A CRT RPTV Weak Point: Problems inherent with CRT-based RPTV's

Prevent Screen Warping from heavy center speakers

Preparing Duvetyne

Tips from Michael TLV

Toshiba 540p Issue FIXED!
(27 June 2003) - Looks like Toshiba is really listening.  They've finally fixed the problem.  Michael TLV reports on his findings including pictures to prove it. 

Hitachi HDTV Series 20s Problems
- Michael TLV reports on troubling problems with current crop of series 20 sets; problems require either repair or replacement .... or use fixes via the service menu. Read about it ... 

Consumer Electronic Show 2003
- A special article chocked full of highlights and lowlights as Michael TLV reflects on the events in and around the show. Learn about equipment, activities, and personalities. Also learn about a troubling incident in the ISF calibrator world as revealed by Michael TLV. A must read.

Read about it...

Other Calibrator Tips

Advanced Lenstriping by Gregg Loewen

Scheimpfluge on HDTV RPTVs by Mr Bob

Cleaning the optics by Mr Bob

myHD MDP-100 Review

myHD MDP-100 Review
- Review of the pc card HDTV tuner and recorder.  Read about it ...

YXY Aspect Ratio Controller

YXY, developed by programmer extraordinaire Jim Ferguson, provides Scaler capabilities to your HTPC.  This gives one the ability to scale the image to adjust the height and width to your liking on your HDTV.....minimize or eliminate the black bars.  The best part is that Jim offers it free of charge.  Check it out.

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News Archive:

Gemini Industries now a reseller for the Silver Sensor Indoor Antenna

Zektor introduces the new HDS4 video/audio switcher

Philips introduces their new line-up of HDTV sets switcher

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