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Firmware Updates to
LG DV7832NXC & Zenith DVB318 DVD Players

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For a more complete history of the how and why of this DVD player, please refer to the review of the LG DV7832NXC posted at this site.  As well, then read my follow up comments regarding the history of the unit in the readers comment section that walks us through the different versions of the firmware to present day and the purpose of the firmware.

Here is a brief description of the two firmwares presented here for the LG Model DV7832NXC and its Zenith twin, the DVB318.

DVI Version

First up is the Beta firmware that was tested for a short time in July and then implemented in the production run of both units in late July 2004.  We will call this the post July 2004 version or more simply, the DVI version.  This version will fix the known White Crush problem in the unit seen in the DVI section.   It will not fix other known issues like random dotted lines or image retention or colour smearing or pixel cropping.  The goal was to fix White Crush in DVI and it does that.  This firmware will turn your unit into a Zenith model.  Use this firmware if you intend to use the unit’s DVI output exclusively.  (Probably about 20% of the owners out there.)


Component Version

The second firmware here is most similar to the original firmware that came with the units made prior to July 2004.  Similar to those units with the November 2003 and February 2004 dates … and even March or April …. Or May so we will call this the Component version.  This one permits full upconversion of all commercial DVD’s (?) to 720p and 1080i via the unit’s component video outputs.   This one also has a problem with the DVI section as there is White Crush to the image.  This occurs at about the 90% white bar and the 100% white bar so the top 10% of the whites tend to look the same.  The Component section does not have this problem.  This firmware will turn your unit into an LG model.  Use this firmware if you intend to use the unit’s component video output rather than the DVI.   (Probably about 80% of the owners out there.)

The component version should also be handy for those that purchased a unit dated July 2004 or later and were stuck with the DVI firmware as it will now allow them to use the component video section should they choose to go that route.


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