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Sony RPTV CRT Convergence Instructions

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Sony RPTV CRT Convergence Instructions – works with most Sony crt displays.

Warning: read all instructions prior to starting.
Warning: multiple hours of convergence work will lead to crt burn in.

  1. Put on a 480i or p signal in full mode
  2. Turn the set off using the remote control
  3. Hit display, 5, vol up, power on to enter the service mode
  4. 2 and 5 keys cycle through the menu items, the 1 and 4 keys cycle through the sub menu items. 3 and 6 keys change the value of the selected item
  5. Mute then enter will save any changes you have made, if you have made an error, turn the set off and any settings you have made will be lost and your set will be returned to its previous values.
  6. Hit the 5 key to the CXA2150P-1 menu
  7. Hit the 2 key to select the 2nd submenu item RGBS
  8. RGBS, using the 4 and 6 keys will turn on and off various color guns, thus allowing you to better see whatever colors you are adjusting
  9. The green gun is used for template, do not adjust this gun unless you want to adjust geometry. In most cases you want to only adjust the red and the blue guns to be on top of the green. This is called doing convergence.
  10. Use the RGBS keys to select the green and red on combination, the screen will look yellow.
  11. Next, use the 5 key to cycle through the menu until PJE menu. Again ensure your display is in full mode.
  12. Use the 9 key to select fine convergence mode
  13. use the 6 key to select the internal convergence pattern of choice
  14. use the 3 key to change the color that you will be adjusting. First put red on to green to make yellow.
  15. The 1 and 4 keys will move the cursor position. When hit repeatedly, this will move the cursor in s spiral pattern over the entire screen. The joystick will then move the convergence at the selected position.
  16. Alternatively to using the 1 and 4 keys you  can use the enter function on the joystick to change the joystick function to moving the cursor position on the screen. Hit the enter on the joystick again to change the convergence at the newly chosen position.
  17. When satisfied, hit Mute then enter to save data. If not satisfied, simply turn the display off to return to original settings.
  18. Hit the 9 key to exit fine convergence, then use the 2 key to return to the CXA2150P-1 menu. Next use the 4 button to select the RBGS control and then select the green / blue combination which will show as cyan on the display.
  19. Return to the PJE screen, see Step 11.
  20. Convergence blue onto green to create cyan, using the above instructions.
  21. Mute and enter to save changes.
  22. Exit fine convergence by hitting the 9 key.
  23. Select menu ALCP using the 4 key.
  24. Set data to 1 using the joystick
  25. press mute and  then enter. This will copy the new convergence settings to all other modes.
  26. Return to the RGBS menu and return the value to 7 which will turn all the guns back on.
  27. Turn the set off.
  28. Turn the set on and then check other modes for convergence errors. Touch up any mode you wish to using the above instructions. What ever mode you are in when you enter the service mode, will be the mode you will be adjusting.
  29. Do not use the ALCP function on any mode other than the 480i / p full mode
  30. If you would like to reteach the Flash Focus, select the 480i / p mode and full and enter the service mode.
  31. Go to the PJE menu and press Flash Focus on the display. FF must be done in a darkened environment.
  32. If you get an error, turn the set off. Your FF has a problem and you will need to consult a service manual. The error will not misalign your current convergence settings so don’t worry about the error.
  33. It is always best to not use the flash focus and do to manual convergence when ever possible.

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