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How to get the Aconda
to work with the Momitsu V880

David Chen has collected numerous tips and tweaks for the Aconda set. 

His site is presently down so he has asked me to post the information here to help disseminate info to other Aconda owners.

Since the Aconda only has one progressive input via the VGA port (480p, 520p, 1080i) you have to use a DVI-I -> VGA/SVGA cable or adapter.

Make sure it is a DVI-I cable not a DVI-D as the latter doesn't pass the needed analog signals.

The Momitsu will pass a analog VGA compatible signal if you disengage the Macrovision protection. Assuming you've got a newer firmware version you can access the hidden menu by using button combination "down-updown-up-right-left" on the remote control.

  1. Power on DVD player with the Aconda hooked up via a component/RCA video port and a DVI-I -> VGA cable simultaneously.
  2. Take any discs out of the DVD player
  3. When blue screen graphics shows, hit the following button sequence on remote control "down-up-down-up-right-left"
  4. There a menu will now show up allowing you to select your Region and Macrovision settings.
  5. Change the region you want. "0" makes the Momitsu region free.
  6. Turn Macrovision OFF to allow passing analog VGA signals via the DVI output (technically a no no as the signal is sent in an unencrypted form!!)
  7. Then hit the "Setup" button and select the Video preferences selection.
  8. Highlight the DVI settings option and instead of hitting enter, hit the following sequence "9713" and you'll enter the custom DVI timings setup screen.
  9. Use the Arrow keys to move around the fields and enter the appropriate numbers.
  10. Hit "Enter" to commit the changes.
  11. Select the 480p input on the Aconda and see how the picture works.

These are the settings I arrived at:


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