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IQB64W10W Lens Cleaning

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Tip from Lenny Zimmermann:  "I finally took a close look at the lens assembly on the IQB64W10W. I had a good bit of dust (even a dead bug) inside the lens assembly of my CRTs and I really wanted to clean them out. So if you take off the front screen and look down at the 3 CRTs you'll notice that the outer plastic assembly is held down by 4 screws wtih hexagonal heads at each of the four corners. Those are the screws you'd need to remove (not the ones you would use a phillips head screw-driver to take out).

Once the screws are removed the entire top lens assembly will pull stright out and the convex lens covering the CRT display will be open to you to clean. I just used canned air to blow out the biggest of the debris that had gathered there and a photographer's lens brush to brush out any other dust that wouldn't come out with the air. Pretty simple process, just be careful not to scratch the lenses.