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Skyworth 2750

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Since my previous Skyworth DVD player (Model 1050P) was such a terrific unit, I thought their new model is worth looking into.

Just like its sibling, the Skyworth 2750 Progressive player is feature rich with impressive specifications.  It plays DVD, VCD, VCD, CD, HDCD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-Rom (MP3), CDR, and Karaoke.  It is also compatible with Microsoft's WMA (Windows Media Audio) and Kodak Picture CD.

It has plenty of video output terminals to meet one's requirements.  Interlaced outs are through component (YCrCb) and Svideo terminals.  Progressive outs are through a D-15 VGA (RGB) and component (YPrPb) terminals.  It even comes with DTS and DD5.1 decoders built-in.  And just like the 1050P, is a multiregion player.

The only and glaring item that makes this very different from the 1050P is the fact that this one isn't powered by the Sage chip.  But for the price of only $150 and all the features it birngs, it is worthy of consideration.