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Skyworth 2750

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Since the product originates from China, I thought a report on delivery is warranted and would be of interest.

Similar to the 1050P, shipment of the product from the time after contacting Hivizone to door delivery was incredibly fast!  It took only five days for the player to arrive.  Again, very impressive.

The package was intact and undamaged. The DVD box inside was in excellent condition.  Opening it revealed the DVD player inside wrapped in a plastic bag and nicely supported by factory molded styrofoam that no doubt protected it during transit.

Just like the 1050P, I had to replace the large 3 prong plug (rated at 13A) designed for use in East Asia with one that is suitable for use here in the US.  I went to Home Depot and again purchased the same plug I used for the other player.  I got a polarized plug (Leviton p/n 015 634-101; rated at 15A which costs $1.25). The Euro plug disassembles easily by easing out three small screws. There are two wires inside: brown (hot) and blue (neutral). With the polarized plug in hand, I connected the brown (hot) wire to the small prong and the blue (neutral) wire to the large prong.

Soon after, I plugged in the unit and it worked just fine.  That's always a good thing.  =)