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Calibration Rosetta Stone

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(Feb 2004)


For the longest time, I had been contemplating putting together some quasi comprehensive document or article that discussed many or all of the things that would generally be looked at in a full calibration that I did.  It was designed to be a starting point for the enthusiast who didn’t know where to start or didn’t quite understand how to apply what they read to their specific TV.  It was also designed to be a starting point for those who didn’t know where to look for this information.  Gregg and I have tried to bring much of this information together into one place by us picking our own brains for this first kick at the can.

The spreadsheet takes the top 10 TV manufacturers out there that myself and Gregg Loewen have worked on and brings it all together.  We’ve compiled a list of the stuff that we do for each of the different makes and also identified how to approach each type of set.  The spreadsheet is not meant to be an all encompassing calibration sheet of knowledge, but rather a darn good starting point for tweakers and aspiring calibrators out there. 

Gregg and I expect that this spreadsheet will be an on going work and we will endeavour to update this sheet on a regular basis.  Neither of us can take credit for creating much of this information.  It’s a group effort by the entire tweaking and calibrating community.  So for what it’s worth, here is Version 1.0. 

By the way, we purposely left out all the service menu access stuff so you will still have to get that information elsewhere.  We also recommend that you try to get a hold of the service manual for your particular set where possible.


Michael @ The Laser Video Experience


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