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Calibration Rosetta Stone

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RPTV Calibration Primer
Information compiled by Michael TLV & Gregg Loewen (Lion A/V Consulting)

Brand Mode Grayscale Colour Decoding SVM Electronic Focus Mechanical Focus Lens Striping Convergence/Geometry Plexiglass Notes
Toshiba SD RGB Cuts / RB Drivers
Mulitple sets; Direct views have GB Drivers rather than R Driver; Centering of controls on 80 series and newer requires Key to advanced menu
Minor Decoding parameters
found in H95 & X81's but may not have enough range … CLT and CPH labels
Three Yellow / white wires connected to board of three crt's.  Better to pull the gray white power wire on center board. Newer units glue down the yellow/white wires. Done with the focus
block…read block before twisting as some upside down
String method from
front of set for most except 43" which is from behind.; Should not have to rotate CRT's 180 deg.
Usually needed Multiple Grids on H95
to H80 series. 
Single grid for H81 and newer.
Don't Touch VPOS on X81 series 4:3 sets; you may not be able to center vertically with Vpos, use Vcen instead
Restack or remove on
all except 83 series
HDX units; unplug Touch focus to remove frame; screen taped lightly with scotch tape;
ALL BRANDS: If removing glare screen (vs restack) use 1/4 foam weather stripping to tighten the stack. Lay stack face down a flat surface and put paper between the stack and the flat surface to keep the stack from sagging prior to retightening the stack / brackets
H80 series units need cinema 7 remote to access ADDR menu; 70/80 Series need to check if 3:2 pulldown active in TV;Grounding wires on some HX81 and 82 series behind speaker panel; Current 83 series prone to ghosting
HD The Design menu has
partial items for CUTS
Minor Decoding parameters
found in H95 & X81's
        On Pre 81 series models,
 HD is done with HD
signal active in
Panasonic SD RB Cuts / RB Drivers 480i only; 480p is done with a mix of 480i drivers and 1080i cuts parameters Two Parameters Red and White wires;
shut off from user menu in
post 49/51 models
Glued - Be careful Behind Set - Open back
and reach in
Usually needed Use Coarse to center
image; use Fine to fine tune;
If over scan is < 5 % you may notice "screen rip" on the left vertical edge. Move the image slightly to the left
56" restacks from front;
smaller must take entire
top off to access front
screen; screen taped with scotch tape.
Don't take vertical overscan to less than 5% or so; need an HD signal to properly set up 480P
HD RB Cuts Only; some
user controls are separate from SD; check contrast in chk mode
Two Parameters         Separate Grid for HD    
Pioneer SD RGB Cuts / RB Drivers
Mulitple sets
None - Use Attenuator
in 10 series
In Service Menu; Detail
item may remove EE;To minimize EE / ghosting: turn SVM down, max up on detail, then adjust sharpness down
Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting; may cause grayscale instability to occur
Front; slide full screen
left and right to reach crt's; on 3 series … must use strings
Most do not need this Separate grid for all
modes, Center in DFA mode
Elites remove from front;
take frame off for regular units; Elite glare screens easily removed, non elites must be restacked.
Beware of removing frame bezel on sets - may be tight and can crack frame; don't use 1080i upconvert mode in newer sets as it adds artifacts to DVD playback
HD RGB Cuts / RB Drivers
Mulitple sets
  In Service Menu; Detail
item may remove EE
      Use DFA mode to center
the image
Sony SD RGB Cuts / RGB Drivers
only offsets for component inputs; Most sets have cuts / drives. use this for normal mode then use the offsets for warm mode (6500K).
Axis & 4 Others; RGBS
turns off colours
In Service Menu, usually
4 items
Glued Behind Usually needed Do Full mode and then
copy to other modes; touch up other modes; Wide Zoom does not copy
Flash Focus wires
attached to bezel for non XBR units; screen taped with black nylon tape; From behind the set, disconnect the touch focus wires prior to removing the glare screen; Use weather stripping to shim the screen stack if removing
HD No specific items                
LCD Gamma also here RGBS does not work
here; try filters
  Not Done Generally not done Not for this technology Mid-4 has items to reduce
overscan to zero.  Rec. 2% max.
  Contrast set based on
white crush, not blooming or light output
Hitachi SD RGB Cuts / RG Drivers
Mulitple sets; watch dark end, it goes green
4 items In  Service Menu Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting
Front;sits on frame rungs Case by case basis Do not reduce horizontal
overscan to less than 5% as the sets are quirky.  Watch for wavy grid lines as once they start appearing, may have to abandon work and shut TV off to reset.
Magic Focus wires
attached to S series bezel.  Be careful.  Screen taped with black nylon tape, some pieces glued together with two sided tape; 65" must do focus from behind the set (no hooks to raise screen up); many screws to remove to do glare screen removal., use weather stripping to shim; 65" Hitachi: only 8 screws to remove stack, no way to shim, must do a restack...becareful to keep dirt and tape residue from between layers
Keep eye out for pastel
colour; smearing; solarization effects
HD In ISF area 4 items In Service menu            
LCD No ISF menu                
Mitsubishi SD RGB Cuts / RB Drivers
Mulitple sets; Do 480i then 480p then 1080i, they interact with each other; older models only have 2 gray scales (low and high); Newer models may have low and high for each scan rate
2 items; Some models
need the I2C fix or a hand built Attentuator
In Service Menu, watch
for EE
Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting
Behind; note the fabric
Usually needed Do not reduce horizontal
overscan to less than 5%.
2 glare screen brackets to
remove to remove glare screen.
Some units have severe
edge enhancement beyond the effects of SVM.  May not be able to remove this.
HD Separate for HD Must be done separate
from SD
In Service menu            
Samsung SD       Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting
Behind Usually needed     Calibrating DLP units
should include breaks of 30 minutes evey hour.
Philips SD                  
RCA SD   None   Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting
  Usually needed     Service menu list usually
in back panel inside the TV set.
JVC SD RGB Cuts / RB Drivers
Mulitple sets
2 items   Done with the focus
block … read block before twisting
Front with string method,
will hurt hands
Usually needed Uses the Hitachi
convergence Engine
  Mylar Mirror

With much thanks to Tom Herman, Steve "Cheezmo" Martin, UMR, Chuck Williams, Louis Carliner, Robert Jones, Robert Busch and so many others for contributing their knowledge to the overall database.

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