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Zektor Video and Audio Switch

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Below are excerpts from owners of the new Zektor HDS4 video and audio switcher.

Excerpts from Jay Lopez's post:

"I recently purchased a HDTV. The TV is far away from my equipment closest, and I only have 1 set of component video cables running to the TV. In my closet I have a HD Satellite Tuner, DVD Player, Xbox and PS2, all with component video and optical audio outputs. I was searching for a solution to handle the video and audio switching since my preamp does not have enough inputs. I stumbled across the Zektor HDS4. It has 4 component video inputs along with optical (Toslink) and Coax (SPDIF) audio inputs. It does not come with a remote control, but it can use a standard learning remote, or the HDS4 can learn specific remote codes from your existing equipment. It's very light, only a few inches deep, and is wide enough for a standard rack. You can rack mount it with the optional brackets.

I called Zektor (www.zektor) and they had the HDS4 to my hot little hands within 24 hours.

I hooked the HDS4 up in a matter of minutes, and it works fantastic! No more of the cable shuffle! The unit does not add any noise, so I couldn't notice any degradation in quality. If you are looking for a component video switcher, take a look at the Zektor.

Excerpts from Bent's post:

"... I "taught" it my AV receiver's discrete input commands and now it follows the receiver's actions without failure...

It is astounding how this little unit just "disappeared" in my entertainment system, it doesn't draw any attention to itself, it just sits there and works flawlessly...

One of the things that I didn't expect was that when I select an input that has already been selected, it doesn't drop-out and res-select the same input, it just sits idle and acts like nothing happened (I am impressed.)

My HDS4 is currently connected to 3 different component input sources, (Motorola/General Instruments HDD-200/201 Hi-Def decoder, progressive scan DVD and an X-Box with HD-video pack), I have it programmed to switch upon receipt of the discrete input selections for my AV receiver within IR macros on my MX-500 remote. The AV receiver is a Kenwood VR-309 (I know, the receiver is worth as much as the HDS4, but I intend to KEEP the HDS4...) that has a coax digital input for 2 devices (one is fixed for CD, one is assigned for DSS) and a single toslink that is assigned for DVD. I'm not currently using the HDS4 for coax-toslink conversion, but I can answer the speed question, as soon as it "sees" the IR command to switch inputs, it selects... no hesitation, no proccessing lag, just a subtle click and the new video source is available.
(my video display, OTOH might take up to a second to change scan rates, such as when switching from 480p to 1080i)

The HDS4 must be set up before use, which is done by pressing a "set-up" button on the rear of the unit, it then starts watching for IR to learn...

I recall I had to go through a sequence of "teaching" the HDS4, including a toggle type IR that would turn it on/off, the discrete on, and off, then a command to increment through it's inputs, then individual discrete inputs, then display selections (always bright or always dim, or the snazzy bright on receipt of IR followed by a 5 second delay and then the little LEDs would dim to almost nothing)

I don't recall seeing it noted, but there are no operation buttons on the HDS4, it will only switch via IR, however since it can respond to discrete commands it shouldn't present too much of a problem if it gets out of sequence, just press your command or macro again... but it likely won't be getting out of sequence, I think that as powerfull as the MX-500 is in the IR output dept. is also about as sensitive that the HDS4 is... It seems that it catches everthing no matter where the remote is pointing, I wish I could say that of the rest of my AV gear.

To conclude, this product is excellent, the service and attention to detail was superb, the purchasing experience was top notch, they shipped it USPS Global Express mail (I was their first Canadian, I think) so no exorbitant brokerage fees, and I had the unit 4 business days after it was shipped.

Thanks for the link, I found out about the HDS4 on this forum and have no regrets. "

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