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  • Cheap DVDs
    - Special codes for the best deal from Columbia House DVD Club

  • Extended Service Plan
    Which plan I bought.

  • Canadian HDTV - For our Canadian audience, here is a good site for HDTV topics north of the border

  • Group Purchase
    - Cutrate prices on LOTS of popular items such as DTC-100 & dish combo, Pronto, Pioneer, Toshiba, etc.

  • How Much Do You LUV HDTV
    - A visual from Stereophile Magazine writer Pat Megenity

  • Comparison Sites
    Good sites that do the priceshopping for you.

  • Markups on Electronic Equipment
    - Wonder how much you paid over dealer cost?

  • Useful Links
    - HDTV 101
    - Glossary of Video Terms
    - Anamorphic? Letterbox? Pan & Scan?  SEE what it all means.
    - List of Anamorphic DVDs
    - Lotsa HDTV-specific links
    - Compare image size/aspect ratios between various size 16:9 and 4:3 sets

  • Humorous Bits:
    Things you would never know without Movies