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Extended Service Plan

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BULLETIN:  (10 Dec 02) For a while Philips had relegated sale of the plans through dealers, but they apparently have reversed that policy.

Davis Weis writes "I just spoke with Philips, and the CONTINUE to deal with CONSUMERS! I asked em why someone told me they dont', and she said, that person probably heard it from a dealer!"

I normally don't get these extended service plans but I bought one for this set for a number of reasons:

  • TV's enormous size makes it almost impossible for me to move it, put it in a vehicle that would have to be a pickup trup, and haul it to a service center.  It took at least 6 people to take it down to my basement.  I certainly wouldn't want to carry this thing on my back all alone.
  • HDTV is still new technology and as such will have some gremlins that might cause problems down the road.
  • A single in-home service call is almost the cost, if not more, of a typical extended service plan.
  • Full Warranty service period is normally only 1 year and then only for the picture tube during the second year.

The Toshiba Extended Warranty Plan is good.  It covers parts and labor for any component failure of the TV.  It however costs $412 for the 5 year plan.

When I was still shopping for the TV, I came across another service program by Philips Priority.  A fellow HDTV enthusiast did a bit of digging around and found that their 5 yr plan can be had for a lot cheaper.

After comparing the two plans against each other, I decided to purchase the Philips Priority Extended Service Warranty.  Here are the highlights:

  • Five (5) year plan that provides for service support above and beyond what other standard plans offer including that of Toshiba.
  • The plan runs concurrent with the Toshiba standard warranty which provides you peace of mind that one way or another, the TV will get fixed if it ever needs it.
  • The plan provides for in-home repair service for the TV.  All electronic components are covered including the remote. 
  • It has a no-lemon clause that provides replacement of the TV with a new one or replacement model after three (3) failed repair attempts at NO COST to the customer.
  • No deductible. 
  • No maximum payout. 
  • Warranty is transferrable and can be cancelled at anytime during the life of the contract.
  • Fully insured by an established and solid insurance company.  
  • Fully owned by Philips Consumer Electronics and Frigidaire  Consumer Services which have over $12B in net worth.
  • 94% Overall satisfaction rating: Ranked #1 in the industry.
  • I like the fact that their contracted service folks are paid at retail rates rather than the lower warranty rates.  This makes for a happy service tech and ultimately a happy customer.  
  • I also like that fact that a local ISF certified tech can use this program to conduct work on my TV.  That assures me that the tech knows about HDTV, specifically Toshibas; he has worked on HDTVs before; and he knows how to bring the best out of my TV.
  • And best of all, it only costs $194 for the 5 yr plan! ($194 for widescreens and $158 for regular 4x3 sets).  So, let's see.... that's 10.6 cents per day for 5 yrs..... I think I can afford that.  =)

I gathered the info above from their website and from the single page description of the plan terms that was faxed to me.  

DISCLAIMER:  I don't know of Philip Priority's track record other than what's on their website.  I know of only a few other enthusiasts who have purchased this plan which convinced me to get on the bandwagon.   Personally, I cannot make a recommendation either way.  

I just hope I never ever have to use it.   I'd rather have the TV running troublefree for the rest of its useful life.


Okay, below is the contact information for Philips Priority.   You'll need to provide a copy of your TV receipt which shows where and when the TV was purchased, the TV brand and model, and the TV serial number.

Philips Priority
(800) 818-6878