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Get DVDs for Cheap

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There are lots of places to get DVDs but if you want to get them really cheap, you might want to try Columbia House.  Yes, the standard DVD club membership is a good value but you can do even better and a lot more if you do the following:

  • Click on "Join the DVD club".  This will display the standard deal of 4 DVDs for 49 cents with the commitment to buy 4 more DVDs at $19.95 or more.
  • Find the "Have a Savings Code?" in the left corner of the window.
  • Type in the special code 47b and click the Go button.  The offer now changes to to 4 DVDs for 49 cents and 1 for $9.95.   The commitment now however is for you buy ONLY TWO at $19.95 or more!

With shipping costs, the average cost per DVD comes to about $9.72.   Not bad!  Note that you may get them even cheaper if you happent to join the club when they are running special sales (e.g., 10% off or so).

If you already have the standard DVD membership, don't despair.  You can actually have multiple memberships under the same name and mailing address.

To learn more and save more on DVDs at Columbia House, check this out.