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RCA DTC-100 Tips

Here are some tips for this STB.

Version A05.10a upgrade is now being transmitted by DirecTV.   There are no significant functional changes visible to those who have received it thus far.  Unfortunately, neither RCA nor DirecTV are forthcoming about this last upgrade.  Note that a few DTCs have been negatively affected by the upgrade, e.g., some functions are slower after the download.

The last significant firmware is 4.037.  This version corrects the retrace timing whic allowed for non-RCA sets to work much better with the DTC.  Via an on-screen menu, you can now center the image without having to go into your set's service menu.  This update also prevents the older DirecTV H cards from being used with the receiver.  It will only accept the newer HU cards.

Previous firmware versions are as follows

  • Version 372 - original firmware; DSS H card-compatible; all 900 range local channels available
  • Version 4.0B - first firmware upgrade; DSS H card-compatible but 900 range local channels disabled
  • Version A04.37 - last significant upgrade; no longer compatible with DSS H card; works with HU cards only

More Upgrade Info

Permanently Block Upgrades

  • Some would like the freedom to choose to whether to accept or decline such upgrades.  Since upgrades are delivered via downstream from the satellite and aren't made known to subscribers prior to such transmission, the DTC would get the upgrade if connected to a dish pointed to one of the orbital birds.  Two ways to block upgrades are reported to work to prevent over the air upgrades.  Read about them here.

Don't know what version you have?  Then take a look in your DTC menus and look for "Upgrades".  If you don't have the latest version, then click on the first tip below.