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Saving Settings/Changes

Tip by Ken Fowler:  "In the past, one of the most frequent criticisms of the RCA DTC-100 has been its inability to save service menu changes to raster adjustment.

For those not familiar the issue; when the RCA DTC100 HDTV set-top box is used with certain non-RCA televisions, the high-definition picture is not correctly centered horizontally.

Horizontal centering can be corrected through the DTC100's service menu; unfortunately, in the past, there was no known method to preserve these adjustments -- they would reset to the default when the unit was turned off.

I have now been informed that the DTC-100 can indeed save service menu changes to raster adjustment.

  1. Enter the service menu by pushing and holding down both the info and down-arrow buttons on the DTC100 front panel (not remote); scroll down to the last item for raster adjustment. (Warning: Do not mess with other service menu settings unless you know specifically what you are doing.)
  2. Perform the needed raster changes to center the picture.
  3. Once the position is established, the unit should be unplugged briefly before the output mode is changed. By unplugging, the data is burned into EEPROM.