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Block DBS Firmware Upgrades

Option 1

Tip from avsforum member EAS:  It is possible to modify your DTC-100 so that it does not accept firmware upgrades. There is information available on the net through a search. I've modified my own unit because I am happy with the current feature set and I am not interested in blind non-reversible updates. (I'm a Software QA Engineer that understands the need for rollbacks). So if you want to have more control over your units I suggest installing the modification. The mod is reversible so that in the future if you want to accept the firmware you can. It's a simple snip of a post and a jump to ground on the main board. 

  1. Open the Case..
  2. Find The Transistor Q23512 (U can't miss it.. it has 3 Legs and sticks out like a sore thumb)
  3. Cut the center leg of the transistor Q23512, and ground the "stump" that remains on the board. (Solder a wire from the base of the cut leg and run it to a ground spot on the board)

You can also add a switch in the mix to reverse the "lock".  The down side of locking the unit is that you will get prompts for the upgrade maybe twice a day. If you miss the prompt and the unit goes into a upgrade "attempt" you will need to remove power to the unit to reset it. However with the mod your unit will not take an upgrade.

Option 2

Tip from Carl V:  The easiest way to block an upgrade on the DTC100 ... Connecting a short jumper wire between the two outer pins (base and emitter)of the transistor near the flash roms.

This holds the collector "low" not allowing the transistor to turn on which in turn keeps any voltage from pin 15 of the two flash ROMS. It's a lot easier and neater to undo should there be a time in the future when you want to take an upgrade. I went to radio shack and bought part #278-017 Test Jumpers (they are really tiny) and added a little Ox-Gard on the spring loaded clips to prevent any type of oxidation and to improve conductivity of the jumper connection.

Connect the outer leads of the transistor together leaving the transistor in place. The part # on the board for the transistor is #Q23512, only connect the OUTSIDE LEADS on the transistor, DO NOT CUT THE CENTER PIN, don't do anything to the center lead.

If any time in the future you want to let it upgrade just remove the jumper wire. Now they send updates the receiver will give a message that an update failed, because it will attempt the upgrade.

The normal is 2 times a day here it is 4:00am and 3:00pm and it will lock up the receiver and you have to reboot, a little bit of a hassle, to get around this we put the receiver on a timer plugged into the surge protector and set it to shut the power off to the receiver from 12:00am to 7:00am and from 8:00am to 5:00pm (We're at work then anyway).

If you don't want it off that long you can go to future upgrades and see when they are, but don't beleive it when they say it's a week away because it's not, they come down every day. Feel it out and you can get the pattern of when they're coming, and set the timer for them. You'll need a timer with 2 sets of pins for different times..