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Firmware Version 4.037B Upgrade

Version 4.037, which is automatically downloaded from the 101 satelite does/adds the following things:

  • Ability to toggle aspect ratio adjustment on standard-definition sources while viewing them via the HD output of the DTC100
  • Ability to switch between the RGBHV HD output and the NTSC-composite and S-video SD outputs of the unit via the remote vs having to push the "HD Monitor" button on the front panel of the DTC100.
  • Disables older generation DirecTV H-type access cards from being used with the DTC
  • Ability to select gray panel (on/off)
  • Ability to adjust/customize retrace timing and raster horizontal position for your specific set.  This the best feature for non-RCA sets since it corrects the image geometry, eliminating the compressed/stretched image.

    To make use of this feature, you have to display the onscreen menu "Assistance" to access the retrace timing selections:

    • Option 1 is meant for RCA sets;
    • Option 2 is meant for non-RCA sets with RGBHV or component inputs via the Audio Authority 9A60 transcoder
    • Option 3 is for non-RCA sets with RGBHV or component inputs via the RCA VHDC300 transcoder

    Choosing Option 2 disables the Raster adjustment from the service menu. 
    If Option 2 doesn't work well with your set with the image still off-center, try Option 1 or 3.  Then, center the image via the service menu.
    With Option 3, you can also use the screw on the VHDC300 to center the image.

Folks who have downloaded the latest upgrade report that image seems to be much better ... sharper, crisper, more vivid colors, etc.

Some Panasonic and Mitsubishi owners, however, have reported that the latest upgrade have actually caused more problems such as wavy lines at the top of the screen, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the upgrade is downloaded automatically from the 101 deg W satellite.  Downloaded are conducted twice a day:   one in the early morning and one in the afternoon (5am and 4:30pm as some have reported).  So, if you have your DTC connected to the dish pointed to the 101 satellite, then the download should be painless.  You can verify if the upgrade was loaded by going to the DTC onscreen menu.