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Skyworth 1050P

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Initial Impressions | RP91 vs Skyworth (mini-shootout)
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Where to Buy

Presently there are only a handful of sources known online that sell them:

They are HongKong-based vendors. Folks have ordered and received their skyworths from each without any problems. No complaints reported yet with skyworth orders from either vendor. Both are prompt in shipping the units when they are in stock. AVShop however sells the unit for a little bit more and only takes Western Union while HiviZone takes credit cards.  I've gotten feedback from someone who had purchased a dvd player from Gamechoice.  His experience was positive and appears to be similar to the other shops' service.

I purchased mine from HiviZone. From my experience, I give them high marks for price and service, especially communication. In fact, I got way better and faster service from them than from the US vendor where I bought my camcorder recently!

HiviZone was prompt in responding to my emails. Their acceptance of credit cards makes transactions secure and convenient. Use of credit cards also might help by having the bank leverage some influence in resolving problems should any arise. These helped immensely in easing my apprehension about ordering from a foreign based company.

Now, if they could only improve on the shipping. I've already notified them about the condition of my shipment and have suggested improvements.