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Skyworth 1050P

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Considering the product comes from China and there have been reports of no problems with deliveries despite inadequate packing, I figured I'd report how my delivery went.

I placed my order with HiviZone on 31 May with an order confirmation email within minutes.   Since they were back-ordered, there was a little bit of wait involved.  After about a week's wait, I received an email from HiviZone indicating that the player has been shipped (8 June).   A tracking number was provided.  It arrived in just four days! That is SUPERFAST delivery considering it came all the way from China.  It took less than most normal delivery here in the US!

High praise on the shipment but not on the shipment package. The box/carton was small, thin, and flimsy. It was just big enough to fit the DVD player box which incidentally is of similar construction, also thin and flimsy. There was no styrofoam padding of any kind at all between the player box and the shipping box to prevent damage to the contents from heavy load or any abuse during shipment.

I noticed that one side of the brown shipment box was pushed in. I opened it and removed the player box. The dvd box side was pushed in also on one side. I removed the player from the box. The top of the unit was pushed in. I also heard something loose inside the player. Not good.

I removed the top cover and found that two of the middle plastic supports just behind the front panel had broken off. The wider left side support is also just about to break off. This was probably due to a lot of weight put on top of the box.

At this point, I was really concerned. I didn't know if the internal electronics and/or mechanicals components have been damaged.

Before I could test it, I had to replace the large 3 prong plug (rated at 13A) designed for use in East Asia with one that is suitable for use here in the US. So off I went to Home Depot to get a polarized plug (Leviton p/n 015 634-101; rated at 15A; approx $1.25). The East Asia plug disassembles easily by easing out three small screws. There are two wires inside: brown (hot) and blue (neutral). With the polarized plug in hand, I connected the brown (hot) wire to the small prong and the blue (neutral) wire to the large prong.

Plugged in the unit and ran through some initial tests.   It works!   Amazing.  =)

That's about it.  Pictures of some of the broken support arms are in the pictures section.