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Skyworth 1050P

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Problem Fixes

If your Skyworth won't power up, or seem to be acting up (outside of the slow remote response), or the dvd tray won't work, please check out some of the fixes below:

  • Rectifier diode replacement:
    A quick note from Tom Elliott who has done the capacitor fix above.

    He submits that it "if C620 fails then it will almost certainly take rectifier D611 with it. This was the case in my unit - D611 was also bad - and it is always good practice to also replace the rectifier diode in a switching power supply when the filter capacitor fails. The replacement for D611 is an NTE576 fast recovery switching rectifier, commonly available for <$2. You should add to the repair instructions that the diode should be replaced at the same time as C620.

    When you replace C620, it's not a bad idea to use a high-temperature unit; a capacitor rated for 105C instead of the standard 85C. I used a Panasonic EEU-FC1C222S, Digikey part # P10258-ND.

    Again, thank you for the help that this article gave me, and happy new year. Tom"