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myHD HDTV Tuner Card

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myHD Configuration Panel (V 1.54)

The manual has clear and concise descriptions on how to install the driver and application on a 98SE, ME, Win2K, or XP platform. The instructions accompanied by illustrations are very easy to follow.  It even has instructions on how to verify successful driver installation or upgrade.

I knew that there is a later application and driver (V1.55.3) available online at DigitalConnection but thought I'd install the one that came with the CD first (V1.54) to see how it behaves.  I figured it would give me a good perspective to better appreciate the added features of the latest version and it did.

There's a myriad of settings for myHD.  Below are just some of settings for my HTPC.


  • Video Resolution:  1920 x 1080i
  • Screen Format:  LetterBox
  • Display Type: RGB

    Yes, my HD set has component inputs but remember from the Hardware page that the component input is coming from the transcoder which in turn receives RGBHV from the myHD/VGA card.  Hence, the myHD card needs to send out RGB to the transcoder.
  • Analog Input:  Composite
  • Audio Output:  Wave
    • Analog Audio:  Stereo
    • Digital Audio:  Dolby Surround

      Above settings for Audio work for my configuration which makes use of a single audio out from the HTPC to feed the audio receiver.  This single out from the audio card provides the output for both WinDVD player and myHD tuner.

VGA Setup:

  • Overlay Window Mode - VOP 30 fields/sec
  • Show Channel Number - selected
  • Show Channel Name - selected
  • Keep Overlay Window - selected
  • Show OSF on Overlay - selected

Capture Setup:

  • Digital Capture Mode
    • Transport Stream (selected for recording programs) or
    • Still Image Capture (selected for taking scene snapshots)
  • Analaog Capture Mode
    • Motion Video or Still Image
  • Capture Details
    • Filesize - 2GB
    • Capture with Disabling Audio - unchecked
  • Motion Video Capture
    • Digital - Cmedia
    • Analog - Line in
  • Video Compression - Indeo 5.x, Quality - 100%
  • Video Capture Size - 320x240
  • Audio Compression - Microsoft ADPCM
  • Still Image Capture Option - Field Mode