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After all is said and done, a picture still is worth a thousand words.  So I've posted a few sample images below captured by myHD. 

Images were taken from a football game and a PBS show.  Each HD raw image saved in bmp format is a little over 3MB. 

Needless to say, the file size make it impractical to post them on the web.  Hence, for demo purposes I've reduced the image size and also changed them to jpg.  No retouching however was done on any of the images.

Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.
imagecapture06.jpg (217150 bytes)
imagecapture05.jpg (96603 bytes) imagecapture03.jpg (259635 bytes)
imagecapture02.jpg (110569 bytes) imagecapture01.jpg (168687 bytes)
imagecapture07.jpg (125032 bytes) imagecapture04.jpg (168831 bytes)
imagecapture08.jpg (144527 bytes) imagecapture09.jpg (141965 bytes)