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HiviZone HTPC

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HTPCs have always been reserved for the tech-savvy who can build and tweak their own systems.   A lot of pride as well as blood, sweat, and tears, are associated with building one.  But for the uninitiated, taking on a project this complex could be overwhelming.  One could simply buy one of course, but for most, this is not a viable option either since these special devices cost a pretty penny. 

So what options does one have?  How does one jump on the htpc bandwagon with minimal damage to one's bank book as well as one's head of hair?   Is that even possible?

In comes Hivizone...  with the success of their Skyworth player sales, they've expanded their market into the htpc segment.   They are aiming to realize that happy compromise between function and price.  Looks like they've hit the mark with this one.