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HiviZone HTPC

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Since the package comes from offshore (Hongkong), I thought it's important to mention the delivery.  Similar to the Hivizone's delivery of the Skyworth 1050P, it took only 4 days for the package to arrive!  The package was shipped insured through SpeedPost.  A tracking number was used to conveniently check the delivery status online.

The HTPC came adequately packed in a small box.  There was no damage or signs of abuse on the box.  I opened the box and saw HTPC wrapped in a plastic bag and cradled by molded styrofoam shields. 

I removed the system from the box.  The first thing that jumps out at you is its size.  It is for lack of a better word, puny!  It measures a measly 12.5" H x 5.75" W x 14" D in tower orientation.  The case design is very intriguing in that it has a very contemporary swivel cover that runs down half the face of the system.  The tiny pins that hold the cover in place had broken off during transit.  This is a non issue since other than looks, the cover serves only to hide the power and reset buttons.

I then laid the unit on its side to check the innards for any damage or loose items.  After loosening the thumbscrews, off came the side panel.  I didn't find any damage or anything loose inside.  I replaced the side panel and buttoned it up.

VERY IMPORTANT: There is a red switch in the back of the system that selects the input voltage for the power supply.  It was set to 230V.  If you are in the US like me, make sure that you slide it to 115V.

The htpc came with a power cable with a three prong plug for a 230V source.  I happen to have a power cord for scanner so I used it instead.  You should be able to find one at your local hardware, office supply, or computer store.