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Hivizone, the leading supplier of the Skyworth 1050p progressive dvd player, offers two grades of turn-key HTPCs: Models VZ-HTPC01 and VZ-HTPC02.  Both are similarly configured with the exception of a faster cpu, more memory, a different video card, and more disk space for the 02 system.   I have the VZ-HTPC01 system with the optional Zoltrix TV capture card.

Although less powerful than its stablemate, the 01 model is quite a capable machine.   It is loaded with everything you need to immediately improve your home theater system by simply plugging it in.  For the system I have, here are the specs:

  • Pentium III - 750MHz
  • 128MB PC-133 RAM
  • GEForce2 MX 32MB video card
  • 20GB IBM 5400rpm hard disk drive
  • NEC 12X DVD-ROM (All region)
  • Zoltrix Genie TV capture card
    • Coaxial RF input
    • Svideo input
    • FM terminal
    • Composite video input
    • Remote terminal
  • Nightingale Pro 6 Audio card (DD/DTS capable)
    • On the main I/O plate
      • Line In
      • Mic In
      • Front Stereo Out
      • Rear Stereo Out
      • Center/Sub Out
      • MIDI/gameport
    • On the daughtercard
      • Coax SPDIF In
      • Coax SPDIF Out
      • Toslink SPDIF In
      • Toslink SPDIF Out
  • 1.44 MB Floppy drive
  • USB Ports/Serial Ports/Parallel Port
  • 115/230V power supply and Power cord (230V - 3 prong)
  • Microtower chassis (only 16"L x 14" W x 5"H); can be oriented
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
  • WinDVD Pre-loaded
  • dScaler Pre-loaded
  • DVD Genie Pre-loaded
  • Powerstrip Pre-loaded
    • Custom refresh rates: 60Hz thru 160Hz
    • Custom resolutions: 480p thru 1200p
  • Source CDs for video, video capture, and audio cards