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Momitsu V880

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The product is available from, an online vendor in HongKong who's had a number of popular leading edge products of late. 

Since the product originates from China, a report on delivery is warranted and would be of interest to those concerned with international shipping and handling.

Consistent with their shipping reputation, shipment of the product from the time after contacting Hivizone to door delivery was incredibly fast!  It only took five days for the player to arrive.  Very impressive!

Similar to other DVD players they ship, the package came intact and undamaged. The actual DVD player box inside was in excellent condition.  The DVD player inside the DVD player box was sealed in a plastic bag and supported in suspension by factory molded styrofoam.  Upon removing the DVD player from the sealed bag, I noticed that the DVD door was a bit open or ajar.  Again, the package came undamaged, so the door probably just got jarred loose during transit.

Before I could test the player, I had to do two things:  1. Fix the DVD door and 2.  Replace the non-US power plug.  These are covered in the Pictures page