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Summer 2003 Update
on Toshiba 540P Upconversion Process

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540p Wedge

The 540 line wedge can now clearly show 540 lines from the DVD format in 480P from the player.  The region from 500 to 540 lines no longer gets blurry to the point of vanishing.

Click here for enlarged photo

Many kudos to the folks at Toshiba for getting it fixed.  A fix to a problem that few believe existed, but it is fixed and I can start to recommend Toshiba sets again.  They no longer degrade the DVD images. 

One other quick note, it looks like they have put back into the service menu some form of colour decoder control. 

However, not all is rosy though.  Every silver lining has a cloud.  This particular 51H83 unit that I tested had another problem that I have seen sporadically on Toshibas and other brands too.  There was a rather severe ghosting of the image.  An image bleed.  So bad that I told the people at the store that this set needed to be looked at and soon.  I would never recommend anyone buy a unit that looked like this. 

As usual, your mileage may vary so keep an eye out for that ghosting problem.  The 540P issue appears to be solved.  I can rest again. 


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