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Update on
540P Upconversion on 72/82 Model Toshibas

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Tip from Michael TLV

(18 July 2002) Here is an update on the state of the nation for Toshiba and their 540P up conversion feature for the new 72/82 series of sets.  This would be for model year 2002-2003.  I conducted the tests on a new 50H72 on the floor of the local A&B Sound store here in Calgary.  The DVD player that I used was the Panasonic RP62 unit. 

I will run through the testing process first.  Before I took the photos, I gave the TV a semi-complete ISF’ing.  I did a full convergence and geometry check and fixed up the E-focus and the M-focus.  I also lens stripped the three crt’s to even out the colour shift across the screen.  I finished up with the grayscale and the colour and tint settings as per the normal routine.  Things that I did not do were … SVM disconnection and Protective screen restacking.  The images were taken in Movie mode so the SVM is disabled anyway.  I am obviously not stupid enough to take the protective screen off in a store for a TV I do not own.

A couple of notes on the new 50H72 … they dropped the touch focus feature on this set.   This was a surprise and a welcome one at that.  It meant that I could decrease overscan a lot more if I wanted to.

All the photos that I take are with the TV in the 16:9 mode.  This yields an image that is roughly 46” and very similar in size to the photos from my Panasonic 47” 16:9 unit.

Well to start off, here is an image from the Panasonic showing the 6.75 mhz oval from AVIA’s TVL 200 resolution chart.

Image 1
Panny 47"

Stuff that you are looking at continues to be the oval … but keep your eye on the resolution wedge that says 500.  This is what the 6.75 mhz oval is supposed to look like.  You can clearly see the vertical lines.  On the resolution wedge, the lines go right to the limit of the DVD format which is 540 lines.

You must keep in mind that I am not trying to slam one TV over another.  I am merely presenting the reader with information which should assist in their buying decisions.  This article is simply focused on the issue of 540P up conversion.  I am not going to talk about other issues like Ghosting … but I may touch on it later.

Next up is the same oval from the 50H72 unit in the store.  You can see the glare of the back lights in the store.  There are also some colour strips, but ignore those.  They are artefacts introduced by the camera and the protective screen.  You cannot see them in real life so don’t worry about that.  Strangely enough, these artefacts also make the top portion of the oval look like it is not converged, even though it is.  So ignore that as well.  Sorry, this is an imperfect world.

Well, continuing on, look closely at the 6.75 mhz oval and you will see shades of the vertical lines that you see clearly on the Panasonic.  Right below, I will include the same 6.75 mhz pattern, but from the 16:9 resolution frame from AVIA.  The artefacts are gone and you can see that the image is properly converged.  Go figure, but I still need both to demonstrate what is happening.

Image 2|
Toshiba 50H72


Image 3
Toshiba 50H72