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Update on
540P Upconversion on 72/82 Model Toshibas

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The next image is a full screen image of the TVL 200 resolution chart.  A carry over problem from the previous year remains.  Notice the banding patterns in the three ovals and the center oval.  This distortion will still carry through into the viewed material … but I doubt most will even see it.   It still bugs me and rightly so since it should not be there. 

Image 4
Toshiba 50H72 200 TVL image


Toshiba has apparently improved the way the 540P up conversion works.   It is still a step behind the competing Hitachi sets, but they are getting closer.  Does this mean that people should be avoiding Toshiba sets?  Heck no … the image is fine indeed and this next little bonus segment will show you something interesting about the new Toshiba sets. 

Image 5
Toshiba 50H72 480i image

The image here (above) is from the resolution wedge that I have shown before, but this time it is from a 480i source using the line doubling power of the TV … notice the ringing around all the numbers and the edge ghost along the right side of the resolution wedge.

In this image (below), I am using a 480P signal from the RP62 and you see that the edging and ghosting is greatly reduced.  Just one of the advantages of 480P from the DVD player as opposed 480i.  Below is the 540 line wedge again as used earlier.  It is 480P and much cleaner than the 480i version.  Unfortunately the image size of the two are not quite the same.  The colour shift you see is from the grayscale.  It was not completed yet for the 480i image, but finished for the 480p image.  It has no impact on what I am trying to show.

It looks like the ghosting problem with the Toshiba sets is either gone or significantly reduced with the new models.  (Note that this might be a single good sample … so the jury is still out here.)

Image 6
Toshiba 50H72 480p image

That’s all for now.