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TW3 Vertical Blanking Fix

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Here's a tip from a fellow enthusiast who had a problem with TW3 after it was repaired by his local service tech.

He was updating the values in the service mode that he and his ISF technician wrote down but now TW3 is only half a  screen. The top half is present and the bottom half is black as if he had PiP enabled but now its top and bottom...this is only TW3 on inputs except HD inputs.

His ISF technician was able to steer him in the right direction by suggesting he look at the VBKL or BLKL since one of these is for the vertical blanking on the lower part of the screen. These values are stored separately for each picture mode. 

Indeed, it was indeed VBKL that was the culprit. 06H was setting for Full and standard as well as TW3.  He extended it to D5H and he was able to activate the full screen.