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Reining in the Toshiba Contrast

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Tip from Michael TLV:  "One of the big irritants on the Toshiba sets prior to the current H series RPTV's is reset button on the remote control. You hit it by accident and the set jumps to 100% contrast. 

Well here is a way to permanently tame that via the service and design menu. 

The idea is to have the contrast center at the level that you always use. Typically in the 30% range. 

  1. Center the contrast control to 50% on the user menu.
  2. Enter the service mode and reduce CNTC (Contrast center) to about half of what it is now. On most sets, the default is 40H so I suggest reducing it to 25H which approximates 30%. Do the math yourself and set it to which ever you like. If you set it to 20H ... then 50% on the screen now means only 25% in real life.
  3. With that set, go into the design menu and look up CNTX (Contrast Max) and reduce that to 40H. By doing this, when ever
    you hit the Reset on the remote, the contrast will actually jump to 50% instead of 100%. On the screen, it still looks like it is 100%, but in reality, the contrast is 50%.

This procedure gives you the peace of mind knowing that even if another person accidentally or on purpose ... hits the reset when you are not around ... that the damage is minimal.