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One Button Home Theater Setting

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Tom Herman offers his settings below on his TV which should work on other Toshes for setting "1-button Theater Preference".  In other words, he modified the Designer parameters so that the Theater Setting Preference via the remote onscreen menu is set to his preferred Theater settings.  Hence, no need to frequently tweaking the system.  He pushes the Theater preference and gets his optimized theater settings instantly.  The Memory Preference then is used for minor temporary adjustments to adapt to the program being watched.  Very cool!! 

Tip from Tom Herman:  "I basically reformatted & annotated Mike Suave's original listing to meet my needs, so I DON"T want to inadvertently get any credit when he did all the hard, dirty work.

My tabular listing will show (in the "TH settings 3-20-00" column) all settings that were adjusted to meet my "Theater Pref is optimal" goal.

Something I did, that is unconventional, is set all 3 Color Temps (cool, med, warm) to be identical (& near 6500K). In my setup, Color Temp is controlled exclusively by codes #1-5. All the other CUT & DRV offsets that affect the other color temps (eg EORC, 2ORC, etc) were zeroed out.

Also, because I use only the S-video (& not Component Inputs), I didn't spend any time optimizing the Colorstream Pro component inputs."

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