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3-2 Pulldown

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Tip from Michael TLV:  The is the Toshiba 3:2 Pulldown activation procedure for the H80 and H70 units from model year 2000 to 2001.  ie. 56H80 ... 50HX70 ... 43H70 ... etc.

This tweak is credited in part to Tom Herman who discovered how to access the Toshiba ADDR menu with a simple off the shelf remote.

First the history ...

Toshiba added a new line doubler into the TV's for this model year and the line doubler did 3:2 pulldown. 

Then the problem started ... as they forgot to turn on the feature in the service menu of the TV so literally 50% of all the TV's made in the model year shipped with this 3:2 pulldown feature disabled.

In January 2001, they informed a few industry writers that this mistake occurred and were willing to fix the mistake too, at no cost to the consumer.  The solution was a special remote control that accessed the ADDR menu on the TV.  Owners were provided with instructions on what to do once they were in there.

Problem compounded ... They only had a small number of these special remotes so customers had to wait their turn.

The Grand Solution ... No waiting ... do it yourself.

If you buy the Cinema 7 (all for One) remote ($18 store price) ... you can fix this problem on your TV yourself.


  1. Get Cinema 7 remote
  2. Program the remote for Toshiba TV
  3. Press "setup 014" on remote
  4. TV shows ADDR menu
  5. Press "setup 014" once again
  6. TV now says "upper ADDR"
  7. Use channel up button to scroll to parameter to "17FH"
  8. At 17FH ... if the value is 80H ... continue ... as 3:2 is not active in your TV. (if 07 ... then stop and exit ... go to step 11.)
  9. Use the volume down control to make the 80H into 07H
  10. Done ... now shut off TV.
  11. Turn on ... set DNR in the picture to "Auto" ... 3:2 is now active in the TV.