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Convergence Grid

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USE OF GRID INFO:  Grid info herein are NOT to be used for commercial use or sale!

LATEST NEWS:  Grids for 56" are available again!  Read more ...

Note: Grid info for the X81 and H80 sets in the service manuals are the same. So info below apply to both models.

What is it and why do you need it?

In Convergence mode, the TV's current grid pattern for each of the guns will be displayed.  The grid pattern will be based on whatever viewing mode is selected (Standard, Full, or TheaterWide Mode).   The grid pattern for each mode, however, is not necessarily accurate or true.   Hence, the need to do convergence adjustments.

Want to see what the gride patterns look like?  Click here.

People have been able to correct geometry and convergence by creating a grid pattern on the screen by using strings.  The big drawback is that it droops over time which introduces errors to the pattern.  No matter how taut one makes it, gravity will win and produce sag on the strings. 

Instead of using strings, there is an easier way: Convergence Grid templates!

Buy it or Make your own?

Toshiba Templates:

The template is a statically-charged sheet of plastic which is placed on top of the screen.  It has the true verticals and horizontals for whatever viewing mode the template is for.  No bowing or misaligned lines.  With the template on top of the screen (if carefully overlayed on the screen), it should help you see better whether the tv gridlines are dead on or off. If off, then you use the convergence grid/template as the reference to adjust the current settings to. It's like tracing a drawing. If you have the template, then you can see where areas of your drawing are a bit off and how to correct it.

One can order these templates from or (800) 421-5080.   They have the grids for most Toshiba models.

Folks who have used the grid(s) which are reported to be set to 5% overscan highly recommend it.  They are amazed at  how much easier and faster it is to do the periodic tweaks on their TVs.  Imagine having to string lines for each viewing mode every time you do an adjustment.  =0

Below are part numbers for just a few sets.  Please check with them on your particular set.

For 40" systems,

  • PSOL4001 for Full and TW1
  • PS0L4002 for TW2 and TW3

For 56" systems,

  • PSOL5601 for Full and TW1
  • PS0L5602 for TW2 and TW3

For 65" systems,

  • PSOL6501 includes two overlays:  Full, TW1, TW2, & TW3
  • PS0L6503 for Colorstream Pro picture sizes

More on Toshiba Templates

Tip from Sankar: "For those who have struggled with strings to set geometry and convergence (and the horizontal strings have a tendency to sag since we are not in outer space!) ...

Here are part #s for convergence overlays .. I had a tough time locating these, but once you have the #s any parts supplier will sell them to you:

For 40" systems,


For 43" systems,


For 48" systems,


For 50" systems,

  • PSOL5001 : 50" PJTV OVERLAY

For 55" systems,


For 56" systems,

  • PSOL5601 : PJTV OVERLAY 56" -
  • PSOL5602 : PJTV OVERLAY 56"-W

For 61" systems,


For 65" systems,

  • PSOL6503 : OVERLAY FOR 65" PJ

For 71" systems,

  • PSOL7101 : OVERLAY FOR 71" PJ

Overlay Kits:


PJTV, is I guess "Projection TV" .. and the description has not been cut short by me ... I'm told that this is the way they show up on the computers !

Make your Own Convergence Grid

If the grid for your TV is unavailable, you may want to simply make your own. 

  • Grids for your 40 inch widescreen
  • More Toshiba Grids
    • Grids provided by John Golitsis of NBT.
      "I've created geometry/convergence templates for all Toshiba HD sets in CorelDraw format.  All templates are in one .zip file.  Widescreen sets require 3 physical templates (STD/TW1, TW2/TW3, HD), 4:3 sets require one."

Custom TW40 Grids ... made to order to make it yourself!

Tip from Dael Stewart:  A fellow enthusiast has created one via  one precisely stamped to ultimate precision using sophisticated multimedia equipment:

" Thanks much for your HDTV site!! As a new TW40X81 owner I have found it invaluable to help me tweak and to help me fix what I have tried to tweak:)

So, I was reading about making convergence grids for my set, and was about to sit down and create some using vellum and fine tip technical pens with a ruler, when I thought of something ... I run a multimedia development shop and have access to software that can create the grids with ultimate precision after inputting the correct numbers, and can print straight to transparent film, again with ultimate precision. Now there is a downside to this, printing direct to film is expensive ... about 50 bucks for the proper size to fit my screen. I am going to do that for the modes I want to align (Full, Standard...TWx.).

Now, for the cost of the film and shipping I would be willing to send to others if they want it, but a more realistic option would be for me to print direct to vellum and I can send those to people for a small charge to cover shipping. I intend to make no  money off of this whatsoever, but thought that I would like to give something back to your site and other viewers, as a way to give back a little of what I have learned.

Just wanted to let you know that I went ahead and ran the film for the  convergence grids.....the good news is that it worked...the bad news....hmm, none!

Precision lines guaranteed, and guaranteed forever, not   like the string method. Feel free to link this up on your site and if you want I can send you templates for users to download in either illustrator format, quark format, or they can contact me and i can run film or vellum for whatever the cost would be for them.

Source for Acetate for making your own Grid

Tip from Scott Moore:  Acetate sheets can be found at Diblick at which is an online art store.  It costs only $1.65 for a 25" x 40" sheet. The catalog number is 55501-1313.

56" Convergence Grids are Available at PacParts

Tip from Randy Boecker:  "The current information on your site indicates that the Toshiba 56" convergence overlays (part numbers PSOL5601 and PSOL5602) have been discontinued.

I wanted to let you know that I successfully ordered these two from Pacific Coast Parts, so they are definitely available again.

They should be the same parts for both the TW56x81 and the 56h80. They have combined both of these part numbers into one, so one would want to order PSOL5601 and would get two overlays; one with Full and TW1, the other with TW2 and TW3.

I have also attempted to order PSOL5603 which should be for the 1080i and 520p grids. However, I got a call yesterday from Pacific Coast Parts indicating that the price had changed from $60 to $160!! My suspicion is that 5603 includes all three grids, but a call to Toshiba cannot confirm that and Pacific Coast Parts doesn't know, either. I'm going to go ahead and order the 5603 and see what comes with it. If I get extra grids I don't need, I'm sure there's someone out there who'll buy them. If I don't get the 1080i and 520p grids, I'll just send the whole thing back.

The upshot is that you CAN get the Full and TW convergence overlays from Pacific Coast Parts by ordering part number PSOL5601."