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Make your Own Grids for a 40 inch set

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Tip from Troy Ernzer:  Provided below are grid info on the 40 inch widescreen set. Troy provides the measurements while Max offers a downloadable Visio file you can use to create your grid.

"Hi Errol.  I love your site. I saw on DT forum that you wanted tw40 conv. measurements, these are from the service manual(tw40x81), I assume your manual pictures are simalar so I will just give you the measurements, all in mm of course.

Screen size- 885mm horz, 498 mm Vert

  • Full
    • Vert.lines from center of 0,73,219,365,438, with a final difference of 4.5 to edge.
    • Horz lines from center of 0,99.5,199,232.5
  • TW1
    • Vert from center of 0,64.5,198.5,343.5,420, with 22.5 dif to edge
    • Horz pattern starts at -1,109,214.5,249 going down. -1,109.5,218.5 going up.
  • TW2
    • Vert 0,73,219,365,438, with 4.5 left
    • Horz 0,125,208.5,250 * upper and lowermost cursor will be of screen (#4 also)
  • TW3 Vert 0,73,219,365,438, with 4.5 left
    Horz 0,114,228,
  • HD
    • Vert 0, 70.5,211.5,252.5,423.5 with 19.5 left
    • Horz 0,93,186,217
  • Standard
    • Vert 0,55,165,275,330 with 112.5 left
    • Horz,0,99.5,199,232.5

Download the File

Download a file you can use to create your grid courtesy of Maxwell Knight.

Using Visio 2000 (PC), Maxwell has created ALL the grids (4:3, TW1, TW2, TW3, FULL, & HD) for the 40H80. I believe these are the same as the TW40X81.

Per Maxwell, "If you print these out on a plotter, you can overlay your acetate sheets on them and simply trace the grids instead of having to mess with the precise measuring."