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Accessing the Service/Designer Menu

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Here is a quick description of how to enter Service and Designer Modes.  If you have the later generation H80 or H/HX81 series set, most of the info on this site apply to your set.

Entering Service Menu

  • Power up your set.
  • Press MUTE three times on the remote, then press MUTE again and hold. While holding the MUTE button, go to your set and press the MENU button on TV front panel. Release both buttons.

    An "S" should appear near the bottom right of the tv screen. Press MENU again on your TV. You are now in Service Mode.

    Note:  For older sets (X81 and before), you need to press MUTE twice, then MUTE again and hold, then press the MENU button on the TV front panel.

Entering Designer Menu

  • Follow steps in entering Service Menu
  • While in Service Mode, press the RECALL button the remote and hold. While holding the RECALL button, press the MENU button on the TV set front panel. A "D" should now appear on the screen.

    However, before you can actually DO anything, you have to hit the RECALL button on the TV's front panel a SECOND time, to send the D on the upper right side to becoming the 40H RCUT on the upper left side, and all commands up or down on the channel control of the remocon, from there.

    If you don't hit the unit's front panel RECALL button a second time, you won't get anywhere.

In either Service or Designer mode, you can scroll through the TV settings by pressing channel UP/DOWN on your remote.   You can change any of the setting by using the Volume UP/DOWN on the remote.

Note: Access to Designer Menu on newer sets (H80 models and on) have been locked by Toshiba.  There is a roundabout way to get in.  But there are still a lot of unknowns about it, so this is not recommended.   To read up about it, click here.

Exiting Service or Designer Menu

  • Turn off the power