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43PJ93G Service Menu

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Tip from Pierre Loge:  Here is a tip for the Toshiba 43PJ93G (PAL/NTSC european model) that might work with other sets as well.

"There is a special menu for selecting modes when adjusting convergence.

When in service menu, just press the ' F ' key and the ' 7 ' key simultaneously and the following menu will appear:  (the F key is the topmost key on the left of the remote control)

  • Adjust PAL 4/3
  • Adjust PAL 16/9
  • Copy PAL to others
  • Adjust NTSC 4/3
  • Adjust NTSC 16/9
  • Copy NTSC to others

This is great for adjusting all modes without changing source everytime. The 'copy ... to others' should in principle copy 4/3 modes convergence settings to 16/9 modes(PAL to PAL and NTSC to NTSC), as far as convergence is concerned. This might need further fine adjustments though.

Navigation in the menu is done through the regular cursor keys and exiting the menu is done with the 'usual' yellow key.

Hope this will be of of some use."