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Disabling SVM

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SVM is activated by default when shipped from the manufacturer.  This feature distorts brightness and geometry for the sake of "improved" contrast and sharpness.  To read more about this, click here.

To combat the ill-effects of SVM, below are four possible ways to disable SVM on the Toshiba set:

Hardware Disable

Tip from  Scot Kight:  Below is a description of how to physically disable the Scan Velocity Modulation (SVM) feature.

image by Paul Warren

  • "First, get the service manual. It only costs $15.
  • To do the SVM, now remember, this is general. The manual may help with this, and I take -0- responsibility for your actions.
  • Remove the speaker grills.
  • Unscrew the center front grey piece. There should be 4 screws per side. This will expose the circuit boards attached to the lenses. You will also see a thick metal protective piece. A ground wire goes to the bottom right screw. You will need to remove this piece.  You will then see lots of stuff you shouldnt touch!
  • Look at the circuit boards underneath the center lens (the Green gun)
  • The service manual peice is deceiving, the SVM board is neither small nor in the place they describe in the pictures.
  • Look at each of three lens/tube pieces. You will see a circuit board on the bottom of each. The center one, the Green gun, will have an extra circuit board about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up.
  • >> That is the SVM Board.

  • You will see 4 sets of wires going to it. One has some grey wires, for power. There are also 3 sets of 2 wires going to each of the 3 lens/tubes. One on the left hand side for the red, one in the front of the board, on the right hand side, for the green, and one on the right hand side for the blue. On mine they were white, and white with a pink line. They have small beige plastic connectors similar to a computer system fan connector but tighter.
  • You need to remove those three connections from their sockets. Then secure them somehow to something else so they don't accidentally short on something (not terribly likely but...)
  • That's it! Its really simple, maybe 15 minutes of work if you go real slow. Use needle nose pliers, especially for the center connection. Don't touch anything you don't need to!
  • Look for dust and make sure everything is snug and in place. All of the other connections in the TV should be in good. This is just a "you should do it cause you are there thing" and not necessarily part of the SVM procedure.
  • Put everything back together, remembering to put the bundle of cables that were held onto the metal protector back in the cable runners, and to put the ground wire back into place on the protector.

Go check out Clay Cautery's site also for pictures on doing this procedure.  

Software Disable

Some instead choose or suggest to disable this feature via the Designer Mode by setting all SVM related features to 03 (off setting).  Jeff Butsch submits that it really should be 5 for the off setting.

  • VSM
  • DWVS
  • EWVS
  • HVSM
  • EHVS

Press Volume Up or Down to set the data value to "05" which is SVM off.  SVM items have 3 settings, OFF, LOW, and HIGH.   It cycles through the settings > with every three data values.  For instance

  • 02= Off
  • 03= Low
  • 04= High
  • 05= Off
  • 06= Low
  • 07= High
  • 08= Off
  • 09= Low
  • 0A= High
  • etc.

If you look at the factory settings, you'll see they're either 06 or 07 -- Low or High.  For Theater Mode, SVM is set to "Low", not "Off" as many seem to think.  To turn it completely off, put all the SVM settings at "05".

Disabling the SVM Power Supply

Instead of simply disconnecting each of the cable to the three coils, someone disconnected the power supply to the SVM board instead.

Click the link below for details and pictures: