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Gray Bar Adjustments for X81

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Tip from Steve Martin (aka Cheezmo)/Stephen Smith

"TW56X81 gray bar adjustments have been discovered!

First a few warnings.

Making changes in Service Mode is dangerous (recent examples of TV fatality are all over the boards) Making changes in Design Mode is even scarier. Making changes in ADDR mode is only for the nearly insane.

The usual warning to write down all original values applies but there are over 1000 ADDR mode values so its reasonable to restrict yourself to just the ones in the vicinity of the ones you plan to change.

Do this at your own risk!

That being said, here is how to adjust the gray bar widths in standard mode on a TW56X81:

  • First you need a One-For-All remote. Set up the TV button for your Toshiba TV and then use the Magic Code 014 to go in to ADDR mode.
  • Changing parameters/values here is the same as Service or Design mode. Channel up/down changes the parameter (in this case a hex address) and volume up/down changes the value. Be warned that if you go down from 000 you will revert to 5FF and up from 5FF keeps going to 600 so it could take a long time to get back to 0.
  • The three parameters you can adjust are:
ADDR Orig Value Function
2B5 D9 4x3 panel centering
2B6 59 4x3 left panel width
2B7 07 panel brigtness
(0 for black)

These discoveries were made by the very brave Stephen Smith, I'm only posting because he didn't have time to write it up.

If you have a TW65X81 or TW40X81, I imagine these codes will be the same but it hasn't been verified yet.

But, I have a TW65H80 and they are definitely NOT the same. The values in that range are all FF so if these parameters exist for the H80's they have yet to be found."

Someone did come up with the adjustments for the 40H80.   Perhaps the 65H80 and the 40H80 are similar enough that the parameter adjusments are the same.  Check it out here.