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Gray Bar Adjustments for TW40H80

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Tip from Peter Jones:  "On the Toshiba TW40H80, there are two Designer Mode variables with numeric names that control the horizontal extents of the grey bars in STANDARD mode:

ADDR Function
158 x-position of right extent of left grey bar
15A x-position of left extent of right grey bar

On my set, the factory defaults were 27H and A9H, respectively. Decreasing the former variable shrinks the left bar (uncovering more picture), and *increasing* the latter shrinks the right bar. The factory settings covered a bit too much of the 4:3 picture for my tastes, especially on the right side, where the bar was asymmetrically wider than on the left.

I settled on settings of 25H and AEH, which resulted in virtually no side overscan in STANDARD mode (the bars just touch the picture content). This does reveal some garbage on the sides of some cable stations' pictures, but the extra picture uncovered on 4:3 LDs and DVDs is worth it.

Note that these variables do allow you to remove the grey bars completely, which leaves only black on the left side, but uncovers a couple of stripes (seemingly mirroring an earlier column of picture) on the far right of the screen. Only do that (remove the bars completely) at your own risk, though, because the grey bars are supposedly there to prevent burn-in damage; I still use black cardboard panels to mask the grey bars when viewing STANDARD mode content in the dark.

And for what it's worth, I've had mine adjusted as described above for well over a year, with heavy usage in STANDARD mode, and there is no evidence of burn-in whatsoever, although I keep my white level set quite low."