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HS10 Improvement Tweaks

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Here is a link to a site specific addressing tweaks for KPxxHS10 sets.

There is an also an active listserv at egroups for HS10 owners.   If interested, you can find out more about it at

HS10 Screen Removal

Here's how you can remove the protective screen to eliminate that glare/mirror effect.

Tip from Mike Emery: "I have been a little bothered by a little anomaly in my KP-61HS10. Using Avia, the needle pulse pattern showed a significant blurring of the bottom “dark”line, the edges not at all defined. This was noted even when setting SVM to zero (this did tighten the line, but did not bring it into focus.) Similar effect was seen in the sharpness and resolution patterns. TV display was “veiled.” I ruled out a focus problem, because the white line seemed well-defined, but everything just seemed a little soft and blurred, just enough to irk me a bit.

This misadjustment may have been peculiar to my set, but I STRONGLY recommend that you experiment with the following settings. Once I worked with these settings, I was obsessed. I started at 7 this morning, skipped breakfast, haven’t showered or shaved’s 11:00 AM for cryin’ out loud. THIS IS AMAZING!! I CAN’T STOP CHECKING OUT MY FAVORITE REFERENCE SCENES!! My jaw was on the floor, I was so stunned.  OK, enough raving...

For DVD, I’m using component into Video 5, so I began with category MCP 5. Original values for the items to be adjusted were: SSHP (3), SHPF (1), SYS (1), and PREO (1).

SSHP and SHPF act to sharpen the picture, but not in the sense of the tradition user sharpness control (which as you know adds artifacts.) These do not add artifacts. I don’t know how they work, but they really helped with the needle pulse. I set them both to (3) and double-check with a multiburst to see if it introduced problems. I didn’t see anything bad. BUT the biggest effect was through the SYS function. This is magical! I set it to (0)...yikes, bad idea...image smeared horizontally like a bad pair of eyeglasses...but scrolling up 1 to 2 to 3 was like the final fine tuning. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The needle pulse lines became perfectly defined. I cross-checked again with the sharpness, multiburst and resolution patterns. No problems, but holy **** the image was razor-sharp. Started running through my favorite evaluation scenes from Mask of Zorro, 5th Elephant, Bugs Life, The Mummy....on and on. I toggled between 2 and three, and am not sure which is better. 2 may be just a tad more defined.

Like I said...razor sharp. I do think some may find it TOO sharp...I need to spend some time with this to see if it will be “fatiguing” in the long term, but I am really blown away. I went on and did MCP 4 (TV section) the same, and again, amazing. It will reveal flaws in less-than-optimal signal, but I’ve got really good cable, for the most part. Weather Channel has excellent text and graphics now, where it was smeared and blurred a bit before. Good channels look better, bad channel now have nowhere to hide!

And I have yet to fine-tune the electrical and mechanical focus....!

The best DVDs will be stunning, but a bad transfer (especially if it has excess edge-enhancement) will offend. Same for cable/satellite. But again, these adjustments DO NOT appear to add artificial enhancement artifacts like the user sharpness control. In fact, I find the user sharpness at anything more than dead-zero begins to add slight artifacts...

Give it a try and see if it helps! I'm curious if this is a global issue or just my set.

By the way, I've had ZERO luck getting information from Sony regarding the actual definition and function of those millions of service-menu parameters. Zip, nada, null, void. And that's after two days of trying and navigating the corporate/service maze, using all my available resources to find and call the RPTV factory on my dime, blah blah. Anybody else have any luck?"