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Convergence on 2002 43FDX20B

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Just in case .... before attempting this, please read warnings on doing convergence on 2000/2001 units.....  Read up more here...

  • While running, hit it again until it says Stop
  • Hit Status on Remote.  It'll say Dynamic Mode on the screen and will go automatically to the Convergence grid.
  • Use remote buttons 4, 6, 2, and 5 to move around the grid.  Use buttons 0 for Red and ANT for Blue.  Use the Green grid as the reference point, so don't move it.
  • Press 0 five times for Medium, 7x5 mode
  • Press ANT five times for 13x9 mode = 72points
  • When satisfied, hit PIP Mode.  Message "Save to ROM?" will appear on the screen.  Press PIP again to save.  Green dots will appear.
  • "Carefully Now" hit Mute once.  The grid will come up.
  • Hit PIP Mode once ONLY. It will again ask "Save to ROM?".   DON'T do it this time.
  • Hit PIP Channel to initialize Magic Focus.
  • When it completes, the automatic setup green dots appear again.
  • Shut off the TV set and wait 15 seconds
  • Turn it back on.
  • Test Magic Focus is you wish.