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Warning on Converging 43FDX

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Tip from Martin Caldwell:  "I thought I'd pass on this note based on miserable experience so that you could warn others...

'WARNING pushing the little blue button while turning the power on from the remote does a complete reset of the TV's convergence parameters to a "zero" state, essentially taking all the adjustments to there furthest extreme. The result on my set was a very pretty set of curved red, blue and green lines representing the worst possible convergence.'

I did the "hold the button while turing the power on" trick to see if it gave you a new configuration menu and for some reason I didn't think to unplug the set before playing further and ended up with the messed up convergence written to ROM.

After 6 hours of fiddling I was able to bring the convergence back to a passable state but without a overlay grid it's very difficult to get the overall geometry back into shape. I'll have to make some sort of grid out of some mylar before I tackle it again."