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Bass Shakers/Transducers

Bass ShakersThis could very well be one of the best bang for the buck addition to any home theater.  Yes, a 5.1 home theater audio system gives you the full range of aural dimension, but adding these bass shakers or tactile transducers will bring an new and exciting dimension of feeling to the sights and sounds of your home theater.

Not only will you see and hear action in whatever you are watching, you will also FEEL it!  Bass shakers allow you to experience every thump, thrust and shake...the way bass sound was originally intended. We're taking surround sound that will MOVE you.

What is it?

It is an electro-mechanical device that shakes.  It is similar to a loudspeaker woofer driver without the cone.  It is connected to an audio amplifier and mounted to a solid object such as your sofa, loveseat, wall, or even your floor.  When it the low frequency signal is fed to it, the vibration is transmitted to the object it is mounted to,  hence the tactile sensation.

Aura Bass Shaker Tips
Aura installation instructions (standard)

Aura installation 1 (one sofa)

Aura installation 2 (sofa and 2 loveseats)

Modify the Auras for even deeper shake effect (Guy Kuo mod)

Why do I need it?

Although you get plenty of bass from subwoofer, bass shakers give you a little something extra.  You hear it and FEEL it!


  • Aura Systems
  • RBH
  • Rolen Star
  • Clark Synthesis
  • Buttkicker (BK)

The Auras are the least expensive.  The Buttkickers are rated the best but the most expensive.

Tactile Tranducer Comparison

You might want to visit this site to learn more how each compares with the others.

To Filter or Not

Since most transducers cut off around 50 Hz, they may produce a buzzing effect at higher frequencies.  There are a couple of ways to eliminate or reduce the buzz.  The first being sourcing the signal from a subwoofer output vice the receiver tape or headphone out.  The other option is to make use of an inline low-pass filter which blocks the higher frequencies.  You can get the 50Hz low pass filter at Parts Express (part # 266-250) for about $25 or at  for only $14.99 including shipping.

Test Out those Shakers

Pop in your favorite DVD and see how much more enjoyable the movies are with these things.  You'll never watch movies ever again without them.

I'm sure you have your personal faves but if you'd like to check out a list of good DVDs that would be great to test drive your shakers, go to the SVSubwoofers site.