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Aura Bass Shakers

Aura Bass Shakers

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Aura systems are the least expensive but good entry level bass shakers system for any home theater.  Below is a description of how to install one to your home theater.

Below are the components in an Aura Bass Shaker Kit:

Bass Shaker HT Kit Components

Bass Shaker placement and connection

  1. Turn your sofa or loveseat upside down.  Carefully remove the fabric cover on the back or bottom. Find two places on the sofa frame that allow for some resonance and mounting of the Shakers (D).
  2. Mount the Shakers (D) from the inside of the frame, similarly as shown. Use the provided Phillips screws (H).
  3. Attach the RCA cable lugs (C) to the Shakers (D) and lead the other end of the cables out of the back of the couch before re-closing the cover fabric with new staples.

Connecting the components

Bass Shaker power transformer connection

The following applies to installation of both left and right channels.

  1. Plug the RCA connector (C) into the "OUT" jack of the amplifier (A) and the transformer (B) connector into the POWER PACK jack of the amplifier (A).
  2. Plug one end of the first 3.5mm mini cord (E) into the "SOURCE" jack of the amplifier (A) and the opposite end into the splitter jack (F) which is then plugged ionto the second amplifier (A). Attach the second mini cord (E) to the music source and to the splitter (F).
  3. Plug the amplifier transformer (B) into the nearest AC power outlet.
  4. Turn on the amplifier (A) by setting the "VOLUME" and "FILTER" levels to desired intensity of bass vibrations. Level "5" is suggested. For bass only, set filter to "10".
  5. For optimum performance and volume, the green LED should light (signal input indicator), with occassional flashes of the red LED ("clipping" indicator).

Connections behind the Aura amplifier