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Toshiba DVD Players


Some Toshiba players intermittently suffer from hiccups such as chapter skips, audio sync problems, and the like.

To find out if firmware on your player is up to date, do the following:

  • With no disc in the player, press on the remote buttons 6, 0, 6, then zoom.

Firmware readings on my SD2109  are ROM1:  1.800, ROM2:  1.800 VR2.  The latest firmware for this player is greater than 2.0.  A new owner verified his system's firmware to be ROM 1 Version V2.400-R1, ROM 2 Version V2.400.

If you have severe problems with your player, you can of course get a replacement from your dealer if it was a recent buy or pursue it with Toshiba under its warranty coverage.  Some folks have been able to get their firmware upgraded to the most current version which apparently corrects such problems.


Tip by Guy Kuo:  On some SD2109 units, some of the menu selections are not highlighted.  Some hot buttons also never appear.  If you have this problem, do this:

  • Hit the SUBTITLE button twice, then
  • Hit the MENU button once. 

That should flip subtitles on and off and remind the player to show the highlights.


If you can access the menu but cannot select any of the templates, then do the following:

  • Turn subtitles on and off from the remote control and the problem disappears.


If you zoom-in a scene, the Zoom text is displayed on the screen but never disappears.  To get rid of the display, do this:

  • Hit SETUP twice

That should remove the display.


Tip by Kenny Solo:  Some SD5109 owners complained of some DVDs not projecting a picture on their sets via the TV component inputs, only sound.  They've had to connect via the composite inputs instead to get video.  Kenny suggests the following:

"I am not too familiar with this model but I remember the 9100 has a feature that when set to ON it will only pass dvds that are 16:9 anamorphic. When set to OFF all dvds that are 4:3 (or non-anamorphic) will not show. The 5109 likely has this feature too.

One thing to check is: put in a dvd that does not display with progressive input. then hit the dvd player's menu button NOT the dvd disc's menu. if you see a display then I am will to bet that is your problem. navigate the menu to get to a feature that says something like 4:3 screen n/off. (I can't remember the exact feature name)."