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Build your Own Screen Protector

Tip by Paul Hives:  If you've removed the screen protector off your set but still is a bit concerned about accidental swipes that might damage it, check out  simple yet effective suggestion:

"Conversing with my wife about how to protect TV now that screen is off. She quickly replied: Hang something front of TV and take it off when viewing. Well DOH! why didn't I think of that.

Wanting to keep the original screen intact, I bought a suitably sized piece of 1/8" plexiglass (~$15). I glued weather stripping along the edges to protect the TV frame. Drilled two holes on top and secured strings to it. Found some small "L" brackets which I attached to the other end of the strings.

To hold shield in place, just place the brackets on the top back edge of cabinet and the whole thing just hangs there in front of TV. Simply remove when viewing. Turns out kids watching the TV thru plexi can't tell the difference, so leave it on at all times expect when mom and dad are watching. Everybody happy now."