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Cleaning the Screen

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Tip from Tom Herman

"The ribbed lenticular screen is fragile. I would not use a windex or alcohol solution on it.

I use cotton diapers (or old Tshirt) that have been washed several times to soften them . Use a solution of a few drops mild detergent (Ivory) in a quart of water.

Use one diaper moistened & completely rung out, to gently wash sections of screen, wipe vertically (direction of ribs).

Use a 2nd diaper moistened in Distilled Water, & completely rung out, to rinse screen. Distilled water reduces chance of water spotting.

Use a 3rd diaper to dry screen.

It probably will be necessary to do the screen in sections to prevent the soap solution from drying out prematurely."

Tip from Mr Bob

"I use terrycloth, as it FEELS like it would get into those vertical grooves better than diaper would. But maybe it's just my imagination...

Remember, residue is your enemy. Another reason for distilled water.

If the protector screen was on there, why are you washing the lenticular? I would not ever TOUCH a lenticular unless absolutely necessary."

Cleaning tips from Sean Wagoner:

"Last night, using various information from your web page as reference, I dove in and took the screen off my TW56x81.

Wow! I have had this only about 4 months so I know the majority of this had to be factory dust. My mirror had a light dusting to it like a mirror that had been sitting on a table for a couple of weeks. The 3 lenses had a lighter dusting but was still noticeably.

The strangest thing I found was on the mirror.  It looked like something polygon shaped had been sitting on top of the mirror before they used it. It had left an outline that filled the width of the mirror. I also had the edge of a palm print in two locations.

Things I found useful:

Have at least 2 cans of air. So when one gets cold and looses its power you can alternate. Get a flashlight that has a hinged light so you can set the light down and aim it. The smaller the better, having a long club flashlight in such a confined area will be limiting. The way the 56x81 is setup the bulbs are in the middle right behind the power button and the flip down options door. There is wood going horizontal sealing off the bottom workings. These make great places to set things while working. AVOID this. At least with your cloths, the particleboard doesn't hold paint very well a cloth will have fragments sticking to it. It will also stir up needless junk in the air.

When cleaning the mirror lightly hold down the corner with your finger. This will keep it from rattling around in its wooden bracket.

In the various write-ups they say the mirror is clean when you can't see it anymore. This made no sense to me until I was in there. You will know when its clean.

The Pledge Static wipes work great for picking up the dust on the mirror But even though they say they are dry and contain no chemicals they seemed to leave a haze when a flashlight was placed right to the mirror. It is easily removed with Windex and still leaves less dust. The other static brand wipes may be better. Seems promising.

Paper towels still seem to work the best. You can use a bunch because they're cheaper. The difficult angles make using anything thick tough to use ...."

For more information on cleaning the screen, you should also check out Tom's detailed step by step instructions in the Toshiba Focus Alignment Tips page.