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Color Temperature Adjustment

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Tip by Michael TLV:  "It was a very nice evening tonight and I had to decide whether to attend a Ballroom Dance class or get an opportunity to calibrate this Toshiba set at the local A&B store ... northside this time. Dance or calibrate ... my priorities seem to be skewed a bit.

It made for an interesting evening this time since they were also using the set for HD demonstrations via satellite. The night started out with a Raptors B-ball game supposedly in HD, but clearly just an upconversion. It did not look good on this set at all. Fortunately, the PBS demo loop has now some new tasty demo morsels to watch. 

I just did the service level convergence in both modes and did up a full colour calibration for the set. No surprise to find that the Toshiba Theater setting actually hovered at D9380 at 30 IRE and quickly shot to D11000 by 50 IRE and topping out at D14000 on approach to 80 IRE. Not good at all, but at least it was better than the TW40X81 I did previously. D16000 ... now that was bad.

I was very pleasantly surprised this evening when the calibration process took only 15 minutes to get the temperature down to about D6900 at 100 IRE and D6100 at 20 IRE. Another 10 minutes of tweaking and the range was pretty close across the board with a couple of spikes of 300 degrees near the 50 IRE point. 

Job completed and I put on the requisite VE demo reel to check out how things went. What's great about doing this is the number of curious people that show up to see what you are doing and you end up teaching them a thing or two about the old "2+2=4" factor. 

The changes actually seemed to translate well into the HD material ...

I seem to have seen the best and worst of both worlds of Toshiba now ... one set that took 3 hours to pound and another that was fully functional 90 minutes later. 

It was really nice to see that the sales staff was both enthusiatic about what I was doing and knowledgable to a point. One was even heard in the distance to say that I wasn't fixing anything ... I was calibrating.

Although I suppose I was fixing this set good.

As per the norm for now, no geometry correction was done, nor was the focus adjusted.