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Tips from Dennis O'Connor:  Tip is for his Toshiba set but your set may have parameters that is similar to yours.

I haven't seen this suggested before, so here it is: after convergence and geometry is perfect, adjust the horizontal and vertical blanking settings until they start to blank out parts of the visible screen. Then back off one notch, and voila! less unused light being projected inside the screen.

This should eliminate the "seeing reflections from scrolling credits before the credits appear on the screen" problem. This should also be done for all modes using the Toshiba service mode settings (VBKH/VBKL/BLKH/BLKL).

Now my question: On my Toshiba TW56X81 I seem to be able to get a very good top/bottom blanking setting using the VBKH/VBKL service mode setting. I can adjust in 1 line increments!

But BLKH and BLKL seem to adjust top/bottom blanking too, not left/right like I'd expected. Is there a left/right blanking setting?

If not, I'd thought in the long term I'd look into doing some physical blanking - little adjustable shutters near the lenses to deflect any unwanted light. I may do this anyway to reduce stray light, but the electrical adjustment is quick-n-dirty.